Having a website is a bit more complicated than just having a domain name and uploading files for it on a server. The hosting service includes things such as domain records, databases, email addresses, stats, FTP access, and so on. Although they may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you refer to the word “website”, they are an important part of any website and none of them can be overlooked. If you'd like to start and keep a successful web presence, you will need a simple way to manage these things, especially if you are not very proficient. In addition to the convenience, it is also crucial to have total control over your domain addresses and the website hosting service related to them.

Website Manager in Cloud Hosting

If you order a cloud plan from our company and host your sites on our revolutionary cloud platform, you can take advantage of the advanced, albeit simple-to-use Website Manager tool, that is an element of our in-house created Hepsia CP. The tool shall provide you with far better control over your online content than any other tool out there, due to the fact that it has a basic, novice-friendly interface, but offers plenty of options for more advanced users as well. One tool will allow you to modify the DNS records for any domain, to update the WHOIS details or to hide them through our Whois Privacy Protection service, to access the website files, to set up a script application, to check on visitor statistics, to purchase an SSL certificate and much, much more. These things are available in a single place and you could accomplish each of them with only a few clicks using quick-access buttons, that will save you a lot of time and which shall make the control over your online presence a breeze.

Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Website Manager tool, offered with our semi-dedicated server packages and that is a component of the Hepsia Control Panel, gives you everything you require in order to control your online presence fast and easy. After you open the tool, you'll find a list of all the domain addresses which are registered or hosted in the account. Clicking on any of them will bring up a pop-up in which quick-access links will allow you to do lots of things with just a click - to examine comprehensive site visitor statistics, to set up a script application via our 1-click installer, to create a new email address or to buy an SSL certificate. These are only a few options that you will be able to access without any hassle, considering the fact that everything will be available in one location. The Website Manager features a clean and intuitive interface and it may be used both by novices and by more tech-savvy users.